Woman traumatised outside QLD abortion clinic

A woman has been harassed outside an abortion clinic. Picture: Facebook/Young Queenslanders for the Right to Choose
A woman has been harassed outside an abortion clinic. Picture: Facebook/Young Queenslanders for the Right to Choose


A TRAUMATISED woman has been recorded pleading with a Christian protester to leave her alone after the protester accused her of being a murderer.

Footage taken outside an abortion clinic in Brisbane's Spring Hill shows the protester repeatedly harassing patients walking into the centre, as well as their supporters.

Wearing a bright pink jacket, she accuses them of being "murderers" and offers to "help" a woman entering the clinic before she distressingly responds.

"That's so traumatic," she says, sounded extremely upset in the background of the footage.

The group has a permit to be there each week.

Pro-life supporters who attend to support patients walking in took the recent video and shared it on social media.

The Queensland government this week said it would prioritise abortion law reform in this term of government.

Abortion law reform was on Queensland Labor's agenda in its first term of government, with the procedure still a criminal offence in the state.

"This is a little 12-week-old baby, that little one that you have has a heartbeat, 10 fingers, 10 toes, and God hates the hands that shed things," the protester says.

"Please don't terminate your baby.

"We're here to help you, please turn away.

"What that is is murder, and you guys will stand before God as murderers by supporting this horrific act."

Pro-choice community group Young Queenslanders for the Right to Choose shared the videos on Facebook in an effort to get the protesting to stop.

"We're done seeing patients being harassed and traumatised," the group said in a post.

"We need safe access zone laws in Queensland NOW.

"This group has a permit to be here every week. All we can do is walk with patients as they try to avoid coming face-to-face with this.

"Similarly, (Queensland Police) have been great in attending most mornings, but without safe access zones, they can't do much either."

They said this was not what a peaceful protest or "freedom of speech" looked like.

"This is pressuring vulnerable people who are trying to access a health care service and who should be entitled to their privacy while doing so," they said.

"The patient you can hear behind me is literally crying and begging them to stop."

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