What ingredients should you look for in beauty products

HEALTHY: Look for the following ingredients in your beauty products for better health.
HEALTHY: Look for the following ingredients in your beauty products for better health. LightFieldStudios

WE are exposed to toxins every day. Even though our skin is absorbent, we think about what we put into our bodies more than what we are putting onto our bodies.

The beauty industry is accommodating a market for more natural body products.

Here are three botanical trends to try - on this occasion it is not just what is on the inside that counts.

Superfood serums

Super foods have made a transition from our kitchens to our bathroom cabinets. Super food ingredients are powering the latest face serums.

Avocado, spirulina, acai, wheatgrass and moringa are sold in concentrated potions. Carrot oil is rich in pro-vitamin A, which heals and repairs skin on a daily basis.

Coconut oil

This nut is having its oily moment. Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial and antifungal and can help to calm inflamed acne.

Its multiple uses consist of an overnight moisturiser, a highlighter for cheekbones, a natural shaving cream or make-up remover and even a teeth whitener.

Personally I like to mix coconut oil with coconut sugar to create a natural face polish.

Cream deodorants

With your underarms housing super absorbent glands, any chemicals you apply sink into your skin and your bloodstream.

However, it is possible to prevent sweating with botanical deodorants free from aluminium that blocks sweat ducts.

Many brands contain shea butter, tea tree and eucalyptus properties that absorb perspiration, and are great if you tend to feel the heat a little bit.

Most have a cream to powder texture that easily massages into underarms.

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