VIDEO: RSPCA investigates video of chicken being tortured

WARNING: This video contains footage that may be considered extreme by some viewers. 

UPDATE, TUESDAY: THE Daily Examiner understands an RSPCA investigation has been launched into an act of animal cruelty caught on video which allegedly took place at a party in Grafton. 

The footage show a Chinese silkie chicken being spray-painted blue, and in another video, thrown onto the ground. 

FRIDAY: A VIDEO posted on the Clarence Valley Buy Swap Sell Facebook page depicts disturbing footage of young men torturing a Chinese silkie chicken during a party, claimed to be in Grafton.

"This is what is happening in Grafton," Ally Kimber said.

"I was shown this footage from last night.

Absolutely disgusted these people make me sick. The person who showed me this is reporting this to the RSPCA and the police.

"People must know these scum. Save the coppers the legwork and dob them in."

Anyone who has more information should phone the RSPCA on 1300 278 358 or 02 9770 7555.

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