Saints try new things for pre season training

South Burnett Saints AFL players are currently in pre-season training for the upcoming 2019 season.
South Burnett Saints AFL players are currently in pre-season training for the upcoming 2019 season. Laura Lillypads

WHILE the majority of South Burnett residents are enjoying some down time and ignoring their expanding waistline, the Saints AFL team are in training for their 2019 season.

Club president Andrew Foley said pre-season training was just as important as any another stage in the football season.

"Once you get to the season proper, the player's fitness is expected to be there,” he said.

"We have a heavy emphasis on learning the game plan and ramping up the fitness.”

Foley said pre-season is an opportunity for the players to try new things with their fitness regime.

"I remember about 20 years ago, I took the boys to the boxing gym to do a Step Reebok class,” he said.

"It was in 40 degree heat and after about an hour they knew they were alive.”

The current playing group of men and women are being put through their paces by Kingaroy personal trainer, Laila Gordon.

Gordon said the key to pre-season training was it had to be enjoyable.

"People will stop what they are doing a lot earlier if they're not having fun,” she said.

"The thing with pre-season is the players are all at different fitness levels, so the training has to be fun,” she said.

"We'll do things like play a game of tag or do relays. Stuff that is still specific to the game.”

The Kingaroy trainer will be utilising other South Burnett facilities to get our sports men and women in shape for the 2019 season.

"We are booked in to go to the pool for some sessions and we'll do some sand work at the volleyball centre.”

The Saints AFL fitness coach said training with a team had many benefits.

"The team camaraderie means everyone really pulls together,” she said.

"Players perform better if they're training with someone else.”

Gordon, who has been a fitness trainer for over 15 years, said gone are the days of running marathon length distances in readiness for the upcoming footy season.

"We are taking the team back to basics, they'll do plyometric training which is explosive movements to help with power and kicking,” she said.

"The training has to be specific to the movements of the game.”

To get involved with the South Burnett Saints AFL club, contact president, Andrew Foley on 0439 660 616.

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