What the weather has in store for Ipswich Cup weekend

IT'S getting fresh on Ipswich Cup Day.

Saturday morning will drop down to a chilly 5C to start off the celebrations and punters can expect to enjoy a comfortable maximum of 23C.

Happily, there is only a 5% chance of rain on Saturday and light winds with mostly sunny conditions.

On Sunday, the city can expect similar conditions between 5 and 21C and partly cloudy skies but on Monday morning, temperatures are expected to plummet dramatically to 1C.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster David Crock said it would make way for chilly day-time maximum.

"After Thursday a dry air mass will reach up into southeast Queensland and it will get quite cool to cold at night. It will be passing through the coast on Saturday and then getting particularly cold on Monday morning," Mr Crock said.

"It takes a while for it to really dry out. On Monday morning there is a minimum forecast of 1C so that is pretty frosty.

"Sunday it will be pretty cold as well, down to two three or four degrees so it will be a cold weekend in terms of the mornings.

"Maximums will drop off a bit as well to 22 to 23C."

Mr Crock said some rain was expected later in the week, but not enough to ruin the celebrations.

"Over the next couple of days a rain band is developing through Central Queensland which won't really affect the southeast too much but we might see a bit more cloud come over and perhaps a bit of light rain particularly on Thursday but not too much at all," he said.

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