One turn track needed in Queensland's new facility

THE term "one turn track'' in greyhound racing can cause some confusion among people.

While they follow the sport, they aren't hands-on breeders, owners or trainers.

Every time mention is made of a new greyhound track or tracks for south-east Queensland, the desire for a "one turn'' facility is raised.

"One term'' simply means that in races up to a distance of 457 metres or thereabouts, the greyhounds only have to negotiate one turn.

Examples are the former tracks at the Gold Coast and Toowoomba, which provided a straight run of about 130 metres from the starting boxes, one big sweeping bend then about another 130 metres in the home straight to the finish.

The benefit of such a track is far less interference in races and consequently less dogs being injured.

Control body Racing Queensland has acknowledged the calls for a one turn track.

When Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk claims victory in the state election, hopefully it won't be too long before RQ announces where the new tracks will be situated.

Yamanto keeps cropping up as the likely venue for a more spacious and modern facility to replace the Ipswich Showgrounds.

As for Brisbane's Albion Park, if it closes as a greyhound venue, a new track somewhere along the Gold Coast corridor is a possibility.

Whether both new venues are "one turn'' remains to be seen. Racing might be too stereotype if both tracks are identical.

Toowoomba closed in the year 2000 and the Gold Coast Parklands in 2008.

Hopefully 2018 will see a return to one turn racing in the south-east.

Season premierships to be decided

ELEVEN greyhound meetings remain to be run at the Ipswich Showgrounds this year.

Saturday, December 30 is when the various premierships will be determined.

Two premierships look clear cut while another two are close contests.

Col Byers will win the male trainers' premiership by around 200 points in another stellar year for the Toowoomba based trainer.

Bob Essex has the owners' premiership in the bag with a margin of 54 points.

The greyhound of the year remains a close contest.

Vic Osborne's Cool Vane is on 71 points, Outback Sunshine for John Geoghegan and Chulu Chululu for Sandra Giles are both on 69 points.

Also in contention are Star Rise for Terry Guymer with 66 points and Lightning White for Marion Goodwin with 65.

Cool Vane and Lightning White are racing tomorrow night, both starting in race four.

The lady trainers' premiership is going down to the wire.

Amy O'Reilly has 132 points, Kerry Hoggan 127 and Stella Marschke 122.

At today's twilight meeting O'Reilly has one runner, Marschke has two and Hoggan three.

Tomorrow night Hoggan and Marschke have one runner each.

O'Reilly has six runners, five of which are in the 630 metres race. She will gain some premiership points in that race.

Exciting packages on offer

WITH Christmas parties the flavour of the month, a day or night at the Ipswich greyhounds on a Tuesday, Friday or Saturday is a good way to celebrate.

Packages start from as little as $10 per person. And a person or company can sponsor a race for just $100.

Call the club on 3202 2977 for more information.

Consider this

THERE are three words that you don't want to see on a Christmas present - Some Assembly Required.

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