Military aircraft the talk of the town

WOAH: Jess Royal captured the C-17 Globemaster flying extremely close to her neighbourhood.
WOAH: Jess Royal captured the C-17 Globemaster flying extremely close to her neighbourhood. Jessica Royal

IT'S not every day you see a large military transport aircraft flying low over a coastal town but this wasn't just another training flight.

Photographer Jessica Royal posted two images of a plane flying low to the ground above Woolgoolga onto the Woolgoolga and Northern Beaches What's Happening Facebook page, saying, "I guess a few people would have heard this go over?"

According to readers, the C-17 Globemaster did the low pass over the Northern Beaches as part of a final flight for one man on board before he retires in Corindi.

"One of the crew's last flight and retiring in Corindi. Was a big deal this time, they do the training all the time but this one was special," Therese Lewis said.

The flight path of the plane had people questioning what was going on, whether it was an Australian plane and not World War Three about to break out.


"That moment when a C-17 Globemaster does a seriously low fly-over right in front of your house,” Jess Royal posted. Jessica Royal

Greenville Duce: Looked very impressive from here, 650' above sea level at West Sapphire. Imagine it was at 400' over Sapphire heading towards the airport at speed. Guess it then went on its merry way.

Shantell Acebedo: Scared the crap out of me!

Elyse Graham: We were looking out the window already and didn't know what the noise was at first.

Crystal Chuhaj: I was sitting outside with my sister having lunch at the surf club in Coffs Harbour then next minute this thing was over our heads almost in arm's reach, looked like it was going to take out the side of the surf club as it zoomed over us.

Shelly Pelgrave: Flew so low right above us on Moonee Headland. Saw it before we heard it.

Heidi Stewart: We were at lunch today and thought it was about to crash, was so low!

Kloe Sheather: Was out the back playing with my dog and next minute all I see is this plane. I thought it was going to crash, scared the crap out of me.

Marcus Lewis: Was at Corindi and could almost see the colour of the pilot's eyes.

Garry Kennedy: What most people don't realise is that this was an extremely rare event. The Air Force normally never works on a Monday, Wednesday afternoon and Friday.

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