Mental health: support on the way for regional Australians

REGIONAL Australians facing mental health issues will be targeted in a new national campaign to help ensure they get the support they need.

The Sane Australia campaign, which aims to raise awareness of mental health and reduce the stigma, will target 155 communities around the country, including Coffs Harbour, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Roma and Emerald.

Sane Australia's Jack Heath said there were 690,000 people with "complex mental illness" and on average at least five friends or family members of each sufferer were impacted.

"This equates to more than four million Australians grappling with the challenges of complex mental illness daily," he said.

"While ... we have made real advances in reducing stigma around mild to moderate mental health conditions, there is still a great deal of work to be done to help those at the more severe end of the spectrum.

"Far too often, people affected by complex mental illness do not seek the help they so desperately need because they consider themselves a burden or because they are ashamed."

Regional Australians did not have a higher rate of mental health issues but often services were too thin on the ground to help, he said.

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