Ipswich man's amazing 40kg weight loss

PUSHING BOUNDARIES: Emiliano Buntak has lost 40kg so far after changing his lifestyle.
PUSHING BOUNDARIES: Emiliano Buntak has lost 40kg so far after changing his lifestyle. Anna Hartley

JUST over a year ago Emiliano Buntak had given up on the idea of losing weight.

He had always been a "big lad" and after trying every diet and training program under the sun, the 22-year-old had lost all hope.

He thought he'd give it one last shot after a friend convinced him to join a training group in Ipswich.

He admitted he didn't even have any goals because he assumed he'd quit.

"When he arrived he couldn't run 500m without dying," personal trainer Josh Bliss said.

"Now he is the fastest person I train. He can run 2.5km in under 10 minutes. He is above military grade."

After struggling with his weight for years, he lost 40kg. He weighed 165kg at the start of his journey and is aiming to get to 115kg to join the Defence Force.

"Training here has made me a lot more motivated," he said.

Emiliano said what worked for him was the diversity of his current workout plan.

"It varies. Some days you do weights and others cardio or boxing. Changing it up a lot helped me," he said.

"When I first started I couldn't do one push-up. I couldn't run 100m without passing out and now I do about 60 push-ups in two minutes and I enjoy running a lot more."

Emiliano said had gained confidence in every aspect of life since changing his fitness routine.

"Being a big guy, you go through hard times. Mentally training with people in the same situation as you helps," he said.

"I do a lot more socially and go out to pubs and clubs now whereas I wouldn't before.

"My advice to others would be persist with it. It's worth it."

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