Instagram page shares the simple pleasures in life

Image from the Instagram page of fringeandfodder.
Image from the Instagram page of fringeandfodder. Contributed

FOOD, foliage and other things.

This is how Instagram star Carly Lonergan describes her Instagram page fringeandfodder.

Ms Lonerghan works in the health industry and created her profile a year ago as a creative outlet for her passion in photography. Her profile is based on the concept of slow living in the big city, and focuses on getting back to the basics, such as the simple pleasures in life, and profiling quality small and niche businesses that have the same idea.

It started as a hobby, but now with more than 3,300 followers, her page has grown more into a way of life.

Ripley editor Ashleigh Howarth caught up with Carly to find out more about what inspires her photographs.

Q: You have created a popular Instagram page with more than 3,000 followers. What do you like to photograph the most and why?

A: I've always enjoyed exploring small, local businesses that share a common ethos, that provide niche, quality products, both here and during my travels abroad. I have the most fun playing around with these products and props, being able to tell a story through the images.

Behind every small business is someone's vision, sometimes years in the making, an enormous amount of planning, energy and preparation behind everything. I enjoy the research I do on these small businesses as much as taking the photos.

Coming a close second is photographing plants and greenery. I don't think I've ever met a person that doesn't have an affinity with plants.

I've had a keen interest in photography for many years, and by combining all of the above, I've found the perfect creative outlet for me.

Q: You like to focus on the getting back to the basics and the simple pleasures in life. For you, what does this mean?

A: Stroll around the local markets. Knowing where my food has come from. A cup of tea and a good read. Getting lost at my local nursery with my camera - let's face it, getting lost anywhere with my camera really.

Image from the Instagram page of fringeandfodder.
Image from the Instagram page of fringeandfodder. Contributed

Q: Do you think more people need to slow down and take the time to appreciate what is around them?

A: Definitely. Having worked in a health setting I have seen the effects of lifestyle choices and how it impacts people.

I have also lived and worked in inner-city Brisbane virtually my entire adult life, and after growing up in a small central Queensland town, I can see the benefits of incorporating a little of the small-town living approach, even if you live in a city.

Q: You are about to launch a new website, which is very exciting for you. Can you tell us more about what this website will be about and what this means for Fringe and Fodder?

A: I am still in the very early stages, and don't want to go into too much depth at this stage, but I hope the end product I provide will provide a quality service to local businesses that share a common ethos, all the while enabling me to continue exploring and photographing. A win-win.

Q: What do you think has been the biggest secret to your success, and what would you say to other like-minded people?

A: If you and hopefully others think what I'm doing is a success at this early stage, then I'm pleased. But I hope the end product is something I'm happy with, then I may well feel successful.

What I would say to other like-minded people is don't feel pressured to follow the masses, genuinely like the content that you post about; and go for quality rather than quantity.

Instagram page of fringeandfodder.
Instagram page of fringeandfodder.
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