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LET'S PLAY: Ripley's newest asset is already a hit with families.
LET'S PLAY: Ripley's newest asset is already a hit with families. Contributed

RIPLEY residents will soon receive the latest edition to community infrastructure in the form of a new multi-million dollar park which is due to open on August 12 in Ecco Ripley.

The park will be the centrepiece of up to 10 hectares of parkland and green open space in Ecco Ripley's newest neighbourhood, Lighthaven.

The new park will contribute to Sekisui House's commitment to over 20 per cent of its 194 hectares Ecco Ripley masterplanned community to be dedicated to parkland and green open space.

Sekisui House has stood by its ambitious commitment in ensuring that residents are within walking distance to recreational green spaces. The prioritisation of green space and multi-use outdoor areas in Ripley is quickly becoming a flagship feature of the region which has also recently secured a regional dog park.

Many studies have shown the increased value that local green spaces provide in terms of economic value, health and wellbeing benefits and the importance to community.

The full size gym is sure to be a hit not just with fitness enthusiasts but with personal trainers in the region who are keen to capitalise on the quality equipment and facilities and the ease of access for participants from the local area.

Ecco Ripley Queensland state sales manager Scott Blaney said "the Ripley region has already seen significant infrastructure improvements, such as the recently opened Ripley Town Centre and the regional dog park. We are now welcoming the new park which will assist in increasing the property growth of Ripley”.

The outdoor gym equipment means residents can stay happy and healthy all year round.
The outdoor gym equipment means residents can stay happy and healthy all year round. Contributed

Regular physical activity has been shown to increase health benefits for children, teens, adults and seniors. Ashton Greaves, Event Coordinator for the Ipswich Hospital Foundation has been overseeing IHF outdoor physical activity programs in Ripley and the surrounding Ipswich region for ten years. Ashton has advised that the service has seen an increase interest in physical activities that are outdoors, low cost and provide the opportunity to meet new like-minded residents by saying that "physical activity that is conducted outdoors, that involves groups of people, friends or locals is so popular because of the marked benefits to physical, mental health and wellbeing”.

We are seeing a resurgence in developments that are thinking creatively and for the long-term with respect to building communities that are sustainable and connected. Green space is an integral aspect of community connection.

I discussed the design of the new park with Sekisui House Development Manager Frank Galvin who said, "we have designed this park to encourage sport participation amongst the Ripley youth. The aim was to implement as many sporting opportunities as possible, to provide diversity in activities. Consequently the park comprises facilities suitable for netball, soccer, basketball, cricket, football, running and walking. The park also incorporates a full size gym which is designed to suit all age groups and fitness levels”.

The newest Ripley park will pave the way for generations to engage with one another, in a healthy and easily accessible way.

In my recent discussions with locals about the opening of the new park, many have watched in anticipation as the park has been constructed. Five year old Bonnie Coates offered that she was excited about testing her climbing skills on the rocket ships.

Local mother Kiera Chapman advised that her children had already requested that the new park be the location of their next birthday party and there has been significant feedback that the amenities block will allow families to stay and play for longer.

Parks provide a space to gather, to play and to bond in a relaxed atmosphere.

The residents of Ripley can expect to develop a sense of ownership and local pride in this thoughtfully constructed park, which has been designed to impress and amaze even the most avid park-goers.

The new park is the latest delivery of infrastructure which will provide immense value and benefits now and into the future.

Kids of all ages will love the different equipment they can play on.
Kids of all ages will love the different equipment they can play on. Contributed
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