Exploring Brissy, one dish at a time

WHEN it comes to food, Liz and Zoe describe themselves as having "a passionate and inappropriate love of food and Brisbane”.

The two best friends are the founders of the highly successful Instagram page @edible.brisbane.

Their page currently has more than 23 thousand followers who are keen to see where the girls eat and what dishes are being served up.

Ripley Today editor Ashleigh Howarth spoke to the two girls to find out more about their internet stardom.

Q: Can you please tell our readers more about yourselves. How did you two meet?

A: We went to high school together and have stuck together ever since!

Q: You two are the creators of the @edible.brisbane Instagram account. What made you decide to start up a food Instagram page?

A: We were going out for breakfast all the time and were always stuck on where we wanted to go. One day we were at breakfast and got talking about how it would be so convenient if you could go to an Instagram to get recommendations on places to eat out (this was before food was every second photo on your Instagram feed). So we decided to create our own and it just took off!

Image from the Instagram page edible.brisbane.
Image from the Instagram page edible.brisbane. Contributed

Q: You have successfully created a very popular page with more than 23 thousand followers. What is your secret to gaining such popularity?

A: What makes our food Instagram unique is that we're the same demographic as our followers (two young broke uni gals who just want to find a meal under $15). We post about places that are affordable and good quality and I think that people like our honesty.

Q: You get the opportunity to go around and taste test many of the fine dining cuisines in Brisbane and surrounds. How do you find out about new restaurants that have opened up?

A: We find out through a bit of our own research as well as emails from companies! There are so many new amazing places popping up in Brisbane these days it's hard to keep up.

Q: Do you have any particular cuisines or dishes that you love more than others?

A: Breakfast in general has got to be a fave. But we were once invited to a little Ethiopian restaurant in Moorooka called Made In Africa. It was honestly like food we have never tasted before! So unique and flavoursome.

YUMMY: Liz and Zoe from the edible.brisbane Instagram page post lots of photos of delicious meals.
YUMMY: Liz and Zoe from the edible.brisbane Instagram page post lots of photos of delicious meals.

Q: You would be able to recommend lots of fantastic meals to your friends. Do they often ask you for advice on the best places to go? What do you tell them?

A: Oh my gosh I think we get messaged at least once a week! We love it. Liz actually has a note saved in her phone that lists all the good places to dine in Southbank, the city, West End, and so when people message her she just copies and pastes the list.

Q: The culture around food is certainly changing in Brisbane, especially with lots of new restaurants popping up and more Eat Street style events. Why do you think people's perceptions around food and eating out are changing?

A: Brisbane is starting to get really excited about food and the experience it offers and I think Instagram is playing a big part in that. All of a sudden you have friends tagging you in pictures or you're scrolling your feed and you're like "we must eat that”. Eating out has become so much about discovery and new tastes and experiences - we love that we get to play a small part in that!

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