Drunk driver calls cops on himself after crashing car

A DARWIN man could soon go down as the most obliging person to face court on drink-driving charges.

After crashing his mate's car into the back of a trailer on Progress Dr about 4.15am yesterday the 30-year-old called police to tell them of the unfortunate accident.

Police say the man also wanted to let them know he believed he was drunk and claimed he didn't have a driver's licence.

The man told police he would wait at the scene for police to come.

That took almost two hours but the honest and obliging driver did not do what so many others have done and flee the scene. He sat it out and waited for police.

Explaining why the man had to wait so long for police to turn their attention to him, NT duty superintendent Rob Burgoyne said when the driver rang all available police were involved in a major domestic violence incident being played out on the streets of Darwin.

Supt Burgoyne was as impressed as he was surprised that driver waited for police to get there. "It was long time for a driver to unfortunately have to wait but the major incident had everyone's attention."

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