Celine Dion humped by eager fan on stage

Celine Dion was praised for how she handled a slightly unruly fan.
Celine Dion was praised for how she handled a slightly unruly fan.

CELINE Dion managed to maintain her perfect poise as an overzealous fan thrust against her on stage in Las Vegas.

The Power Of Love singer, 49, kept her cool as the woman clung on to her and thrust against the Canadian icon as her concerned security watched nervously on, The Sun reports.

Speaking into her microphone, Dion said: "Let me tell you something. I'm glad you came up on stage tonight.

"I'm glad that ... I thought you just wanted to come closer to me. But you know what, I'm glad you came closer to me," she added, barely getting the sentence out before the woman launched herself at the songstress.

The woman momentarily became agitated as the security tried to usher her off stage.

Immediately diffusing the situation, Dion ushered security away and escorted the woman to the edge of the stage herself.

Dion then thanked the guards, saying: "You did what you were supposed to do. I appreciate it very, very much."

The fan grabbed Celine’s microphone.
The fan grabbed Celine’s microphone.

Dion will continue to perform at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas until June.

It was recently announced that Lady Gaga has signed on for a two-year residency at MGM's Park Theatre in Las Vegas in December and Dion said she'd love to perform a duet with the Poker Face singer.

"I would love that - I love her so much," Dion told CNN. "I can't wait. Come on, Lady Gaga, we're waiting for you!"

Dion wouldn't give any advice to Gaga, claiming she already knew what she was doing.

"She knows what to do. And I will never, ever, ever, in my whole life tell somebody professional super-talented like she is how to do things. I'm going to go see her show."

This article was originally published on The Sun and is republished here with permission.

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