Aussie sci-fi film draws acting talent home

Stephany Jacobsen and Dan Ewing in a scene from the movie Occupation.
Stephany Jacobsen and Dan Ewing in a scene from the movie Occupation. Kristopher Bos

THE Aussie sci-fi action film Occupation is a homecoming in more ways than one for Stephany Jacobsen.

The Hong Kong-born actress grew up in Australia but moved to the US in 2007 when she got her big break in Battlestar Galactica: Razor.

She's lived there ever since and enjoyed a varied career with roles in Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles and Melrose Place to Revenge and even guest spots on NCIS and Two and a Half Men.

Occupation is her first Aussie role in more than a decade.

"I did Home and Away when I was very, very young. Then I did Headland, but apart from that I haven't done anything in Australia,” she said.

"In some ways Occupation felt like my first taste of working in Australia.”

The film, which was shot over six weeks on the Gold Coast last year, is also Jacobsen's return to the sci-fi genre.

"When I went over to LA I started off doing sci-fi and my career segued in to other stuff, which I didn't dislike but it just was not the same for me in terms of the depth of the characters I was able to play,” she said.

"I was feeling like I wanted to do some sci-fi again and I was also at the point after 10 years that I would like to come home to work for a bit. It was really serendipitous.”

Occupation follows a group of Aussies who learn they are some of the only survivors of a worldwide alien invasion.

As humanity falls under world-wide occupation, they form a home-grown army to fight back against the vastly superior enemy forces.

The film has already been given the green light for a sequel, which starts shooting in mid-August.

Occupation is now showing in theatres.

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