New trick to avoid airline fee forever

AIRLINES love slugging passengers for this, but flight experts have unveiled a new way to beat them at their own game.

Unbelievable: $350 flights to Europe

Holiday, here we come.

This week, STA Travel is advertising $699 return flights.

Glaring problem with new airport rules

Officers at airports could get new powers. Picture: iStock

“Australian airports are among the safest in the world"

The $3 Kmart item that will save your trip

Depending on the age of your kids, you’ll need different things to get through your flight.

Taking kids on a long-haul flight can be the stuff of nightmares.

Flight crew asleep on floor photo sparks fury

The image has sparked concern.

Ryanair flight attendant photo sparks fury.

Qantas, Virgin planes in mid-air close call over Brisbane

There was a close call between two planes.

A QANTAS plane has been involved in a close call.

7 things every Aussie gets wrong in the USA

As if using old fashioned paper money isn’t confusing enough, then there’s tipping to contend with.

“Are you scared of this country?” the customs officer asked me.

Startling confessions of superyacht workers

Superyacht workers have revealed what it’s really like to work on these multimillion-dollar vessels.

LIFE on the open sea is great for the millionaires.

The everyday medicines that can get you locked up

THESE everyday items are perfectly legal in Australia. But in places like the US, Greece and Thailand, they make us criminals.

Leading CQ tourism operator dies suddenly on family holiday

Ann Augusteyn, owner of the Capricorn Caves, died suddenly while on holiday.

Highly respected industry leader 'left her mark on many people'

WATCH: What it's like to swim with whale sharks

Tourist swimming with a whale shark.

VIDEO: 'It glided past me with the grace of a ballerina'.

Woman shamed for gross mid-air act

A passenger was caught scrubbing her foot while on a plane. Picture: Passenger Shaming

WHEN video of this passenger was shared online, thousands responded.

Jetstar’s got $249 flights to Hawaii but this is better

Cheapest trip ever? Better jump to it...

It’s not only flights you can save on.

Something’s missing from flight SQ22

Something’s noticeably missing on Singapore Airlines’ Singapore-New York flights. Picture: Seat Guru

A MARATHON flight of nearly 19 hours is launching this week.

Reason you’re paying more for airfares

Welcome to the wonderful world of price discrimination.

Good chance you paid more for your airline ticket than a neighbour.