Hilarious photos from World’s Ugliest Dog contest

A BULLDOG named Zsa Zsa with an absurdly long tongue won the World’s Ugliest Dog contest — but she had stiff competition.

Young netballer is shooting for the stars

Queensland Firebirds netball player Gretel Tippett.

The term Goal Attack could have been invented for Gretel Tippett.

Secret life of Muslim women

Women in Dubai will often cover their faces if they are too beautiful. Picture: Getty.

What I learned from young Muslim women during Ramadan

$3 fix to common bad habit

Wraps are often cheaper than wrapping paper, and can be reused.

There’s an environmentally friendly alternative to wrapping paper.

Patting the bull: trick to take kids outside comfort zone

Ready to take the bull by the horns.

Cattle rattle youngsters until they face their fears.

Eureka! It's a bountiful tree

Eureka lemon ripening on the tree in the morning sun.

In warm areas eureka lemons can produce fruit almost year-round

STATE OF ORIGIN: 5 snacks to show where your loyalties lie

SHOW your colours on your plate and in your cup this Origin Series.

WHAT will you be reaching for when the whistle blows?

What dominatrix refuses to do

When it comes to kink, Mistress Tokyo has seen and done it all. Well, almost. Photo credit: Lucas Konrad Messerer at Soul Focus Studio

When it comes to sex, Mistress Tokyo has seen it all.

How to cheat at the biggest BBQ mistake chefs make

IT MAY seem simple, but it's something so many of us Aussies are doing wrong.

Worst things to buy at a supermarket

Mikayla Kuskopf inspects foods that are definitely not on the list in the latest research at Coles Newmarket in Brisbane. Picture: Claudia Baxter/AAP

The list of things to avoid is getting a lot longer

How much bread can you get away with eating each day?

Picture: Instagram @gigihadid/ @emrata

It's actually a lot more than you think.

Disgusting instructions on burger receipt

Man's hands holding a big delicious homemade gourmet cheese burger on a wooden plate Picture: Istock

It’ll make you never want to eat out again.

How to lose 4.5kg in three days

Losing such a huge amount of weight in such a short time sounds too good to be true, so we asked sports dietitian Chloe McLeod if the Military Diet is something people should be following.

THE Military Diet sounds intimidating, but it promises to help you lose as much as...

Coles says green chicken ‘ok to eat’

Chicken from a Coles supermarket in Northcote with DPM.

The supermarket says green flesh won’t affect the taste.

Food trap you’re falling into at work

No matter how good those baked goods look, try to resist the free office food.

A BASIC mistake you’re making at work is costing your waistline.

Clever hack for amazing $60 ‘designer’ chair

COWHIDE armchairs often retail for over $1000. But one Queensland woman has found a bizarre way to escape that huge price.

Vacuum that could dethrone Dyson

People are claiming it’s better. But is it really?

I tried the new LG hand stick vacuum to see if it was better.

New trick to get cheap Ikea furniture

Ikea is launching a new service where you might be able to get this bookcase for as cheap as $80. Picture: Ikea

Here’s how you can get yourself a bargain.

How to live without plastic bags

The plastic bag ban is coming. Picture: Angelo Velardo/AAP

Switching to alternatives doesn't have to be difficult.

Groundcovers save time and effort

Plants and mulch will help the garden eliminate weeds ... and if not, there is always the kettle.

Give a fig for indoor splendour

There are many figs that can make great indoor plants.

These hardy indoor plants will thrive for many years.

Flower that keeps on giving

Cyclamens can flower for many months and can be grown outdoors or indoors

Beautiful potted cyclamens become available in the cooler months.

How to grow vegies at home

Blake Popenko from Plant Shack at Deception Bay. Picture: Dominika Lis

Here’s all you need to know about growing vegies at home.

Everything can come up roses

Choose appropriate varieties if growing roses in a humid climate.

There are tricks to growing roses in your garden.

Get on your nerve garden

Nerve plants do best when grown in a warm, well-lit spot.

Nerve plants are popular indoor plants with colourful foliage.

Earl Grey, anyone?

Earl Grey tea combines bergamot orange (Citrus bergamia) with black tea to give it its distinct flavour and aroma.

Make your own Earl Grey tea with the dried rinds of bergamot oranges

Get the best currency exchange rates

BEFORE you head off on your next overseas holidays there’s some steps you must take to getting the best value on your foreign currency.

The pipes are calling traveller back

Arthur's Seat, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.

Rich in history, Scotland is a vibrant mix of culture and landmarks.

A country made in heaven

The serenity of Lake Geneva.

Ann Rickard brings us a four-part series on Switzerland.

Free travel insurance stacks up

Check what you’re covered for before using complimentary travel insurance.

Free cover: Does complimentary travel insurance measure up?

Rowdy passengers ruining it for others

One of Europe’s biggest airlines is calling for a crackdown on booze.

SAVOUR that cold schooner or glass of plonk while you next wait for your flight —...

Couple’s shameless mile high antics

Couple filmed having sex on plane in full view of passengers. Picture: Twitter

FASTEN your seatbelts, this flight will get frisky!

Jet mocked over Origin show

AUSSIE rockers Jet bore the brunt of plenty of social media jokes after entertaining the punters before Origin II kicked off.

‘What I discovered playing someone ugly’

Some days, it's not easy being Boomer, says Katrina Milosevic. Picture: Foxt Wentworth season 6 trailer. Source: Foxtel el

‘We’re not the same person. I have teeth. And I brush them’

Celeb movie cameos you totally missed

Can you guess this celebrity in Hot Fuzz? Picture: Supplied

Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Daniel Craig: Cameos you totally missed

Emma Freedman shares gorgeous wedding photos

Emma Freedman has married her partner Charlie Rundle in Sydney. Picture: @emmafreedman

Emma Freedman marries Charlie Rundle in stunning Sydney ceremony

Most controversial Logies moments

Gold Logie winner Karl Stefanovic. Picture: Supplied

The Logies have held some of TV's most talked about moments.

Thrones star reveals meaning of ‘show-spoiling’ tattoo

Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark, has defended her new tattoo, which many claimed spoiled the ending of ‘Game of Thrones’. Picture: Supplied

Eager Game of Thrones fans are searching for clues.

Lisa hits back at Richard Dreyfuss

Lisa Wilkinson has responded to Richard Dreyfuss. Pic: Ten

"And now you want to play the victim?”

Cheeky response to Melania’s jacket

A CLOTHING company has put their own spin on Melania Trump’s controversial jacket, leaping on the furore in the name of a good cause.

17-year-old designer's blossoming business unearthed

Kiara-Bella Designs

'I want women to feel bright and beautiful in my clothes'

The hairstyle that's crazy popular right now

POPULAR: Matt Peterson, barber at Crown2Reign in Gladstone said customers were keeping him busy requesting tracks.

Boys and young men are getting it done.

Great White Shark Greg Norman goes 'free willy'

Image of Greg Norman nude from his Inatagram page. Source: Instagram.

Norman, a two-time major winner, is 63 years old

Elle slammed over controversial diet advice

Supermodel Elle McPherson has been criticised for encouraging women to skip meals in order to get a “summer body.”

Weight loss advice from 'The Body' causes stir on social media

$25 product flight attendant swears by

Virgin Australia flight attendant Lauren Gaynor has shared her best mid-flight beauty tips. Picture: Virgin Australia

This is how the flight crew still look freash and flawless.

Back to black for winter

Black sheer fabric allows you to add a layer while still being able to see underneath.

All ages can wear black comfortably and stylishly.

Woolworths: Don’t be bagging us

“WE want customers to bring in their own bags” says Woolworths after Queenslanders accuse the supermarket of trying to turn a profit by charging for bags.

Easy savings on your supermarket shopping

Shoppers will be slugged more at the checkout if they don’t come armed with their own bags.

Simple ways to save cash when doing your regular grocery shops

'Vintage' plastic bags for sale for $5

plastic shopping bags

Roma man finds silver lining to plastic bags ban

Tricks to save money while shopping online

Don’t waste time searching in the wrong places. You can easily find the things you’re after if you’re careful with your search terms.

Want to get the best deals when you’re shopping online?

Amazon launches free two day delivery for regions

Amazon Prime launched in Australia.

Need something delivered before the weekend?

Huawei P20 Pro: the best low-light shooter hands down

SUPERB: Huawei's P20 Pro offers a hell of a lot of phone and photography for the price.

P20 Pro managed to produce images of a starry night without tripod

High-ropes boy back at school

A BOY injured in a critical accident on high-ropes has returned to school and is “doing very well” just weeks after families were asked to pray for him.

Mistake women are making about their breasts

Get yourself a good sports bra. They’re non-negotiable. Picture: iStock

Four things you’re doing daily that could give you saggy boobs

Woman who can’t orgasm scores huge payout

Ginny Atchison, 45, can never experience an orgasm again — after being diagnosed with a rare condition. Picture: PA Real Life

Mum who will never orgasm again awarded $2.7 after medical blunder

Boy finds tragic note on sister's Nintendo

Heartbreaking note left on girl's game. Picture: Shellie Ross/Facebook

A mum has pleaded with parents to talk to their children

Principal ‘humiliated’ suicidal student

Dianne Grossman and her daughter Mallory, who took her own life in 2017.

A 12-year-old girl endured merciless bullying online. Now she's dead

Educating against illegal practice sparks refugee advocacy

Ms Fiori Cruz has a passion for working with migrants and refugees that stems from her early career with Family Planning Queensland.

Fiori Cruz tackled one of the hardest issues in women's health.

Unusual odour behind Tigerair drama sends three to hospital

Aerial shots of the drama unfolding on the tarmac at Brisbane Airport. Picture: 7 News Brisbane

Three flight attendants have been taken to hospital

Teacher slams kids’ ‘lazy’ parents

A TEACHER has hit out at “lazy” parents sending their children to school dirty after the news that a primary school in Britain is getting a washing machine.

The 11yo boy fighting a netball gender ban

Josh with team-mates Amber Pringle, Jorja Davies, Issy Thomson, Grace Angley, Emili Robertson and Jordan Sargeant. Picture: Tricia Watkinson

He's fighting for his right to keep playing with his friends.

‘The gross thing my patient tried to do’

Women in labour are under a lot of stress, but this story takes the cake.

Secret diaries of a junior doctor

‘Why I breastfeed my seven-year-old’

Adelaide mum Lisa feeds her son in tandem. Picture: Supplied

Lisa knows continuing to breastfeed her sons is controversial

Sunrise compares IVF to gambling on the pokies

A petition referring to the comments has attracted over 10,000 signatures

Girl forced to sit for 13 hours to finish brussels sprouts

He ended up in court for his extreme actions with his little girl

Man tries to justify sending nude pics to victim

DAN Savage has come under fire for victim blaming a woman who was sexually harassed by a man sending illegal nudes.

Dating guru threatened over gun ban

Whitney Wolfe Herd Bumble CEO

“I was getting emails saying, ‘We’re coming for you, we know where your office...

‘I couldn’t orgasm for 10 years’

Woman opens up about having situational anorgasmia to end stigma about female orgasms. Picture: Facebook

Woman opens up about having situational anorgasmia

Course to help women ID emotional vampires

SUCKED IN: Emotional vampires drain you of energy, much like mythical vampires.

Counsellor says some Gladstone women need to hear this.

Texts that cost man $175k job

Paul Faulkner, from Hertfordshire in the UK, was accused of rape and a series of other false allegations by his ex after he broke up with her.

"They even knew I was innocent but could not be bothered to tell me.”’

Celebs a 'yes' to Whitsunday date

ATTENDING: MKR's Carly and Tresne travelled to New Zealand to marry before the legislation change.

For the Joshuas, having MKR stars attend is the icing on the cake.

Case that's turned sex assault scandal on its head

What is mutually non-consensual sex?

After a drunken hook-up, who is in the wrong?