Student's art to come to life at Town Centre

ARTISTS: Student's from St Mary's College in Ipswich are excited to have their creations on display at the Ripley Town Centre.

Creative pieces to be on display at new community hub.

Spec homes versus new builds

DECISIONS: An example of a Spec Home

Which type of build will best suit your lifestyle.

Green stars for our Town Centre

WELL DONE: The Ripley Town Centre has received a 5 Star Green Rating.

Green stamp of approval for new $1.5 billion Ripley Town Centre.

This year's films feature an awesome mix of short films featuring skiing, rafting, mountaineering, expedition travel, cultural and environmental stories.

Film festival for travellers

This year's films feature an awesome mix of short films featuring skiing, rafting, mountaineering, expedition travel, cultural and environmental stories.

12 things to do in Ipswich this weekend

Tom Robinson will be showing off his skills at the Ipswich Show as part of the FMX Kaos Show

There's plenty happening to keep families and adventure seekers busy

Get ready to jump for joy as big show starts

PLENTY TO SEE: Stuart Jenkins, of Glamorgan Vale, on Tulara Quinney in the show jumping at a previous Marburg Show.

Organisers ready for first show of season

Cyclists push new rules to punish drivers

CYCLISTS fed up with drivers who text behind the wheel are backing a new technology that could take their phones away from them completely.

30yo deadbeat: ‘Doing what’s best for me’

Michael Rotondo defended himself on CNN.

"I’ll leave, I don’t like living here, but I need reasonable time."

Why you should ignore best-before dates

Best before dates could be a thing of the past to prevent food waste.

They could become a thing of the past

How to shed 6kg this winter

Make sure you include lots of veggies in your diet, as an easy way of keeping full while you’re trying to lose weight.

Here are a few simple things you can do to lose weight over winter.

Huge demand for flu shot causes rationing

Vaccine shortage for NSW and Victoria.

“Everyone wants one and we’re aware of shortages in some areas."

Mum finds pools of blood in newborn's bassinet

She has shared pictures as a warning to parents.

The face tattoo dividing a nation

Sally Anderson is married to a Maori man. Picture: NZ PM holds traditional talks with Indigenous population

“It’s not hers to have, and not for [Taylor] to have given away.”

‘I’m doing weird s**t’: GoT star teases fate

EMILIA Clarke has dropped some troubling hints about her character’s fate on Game of Thrones, admitting her final few scenes as Daenerys Targaryen “f**ked me...

Wil disses his own show: ‘F***ing mess’

Wil Anderson bagged out his own radio show on his podcast.

HIS Triple M co-hosts have demanded an explanation.

Glee star goes inside the mind of a spree killer

Darren Criss portrays Andrew Cunanan in the TV series The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.

AMERICAN Crime Story delves into fascinating new true crime story.

A Nintendo 64 reboot could be on the way

Gamers could soon be taken back to their childhood.

A new trademark application filed for a N64 Classic could spell gaming heaven.

‘Millionaire by 21’: Teen makes $1800 an hour

Harley Bird appeared on the Today Show in Australia in 2015. Picture: Supplied

HARLEY Bird 16 years old, and on track to be a millionaire within the next few...

The video game too explicit for Australia

Australia is back deciding what adults can and can't do.

“Computer games will be refused classification if they include or contain ‘drug use...

Film ‘grooms children for sexual abuse’

Show Dogs is a seemingly innocuous kid's film — with one controversial subplot.

Strange plot line has outraged leading sexual abuse advocates.